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Biton Portfolio Management System

A multi-currency/multi-asset Portfolio Management System designed for the Professional Investment Community for front, middle and back-office environments.

Product Overview

Operating on a UNIX server, the Biton Portfolio Management System (PMS) is designed to suit any existing network. From stand-alone PCs to mainframes and cloud solutions, the system is scalable and can handle thousands of trades an hour.

Standard features of the system include:

Compliance and audit reviews now dominate the industry. Ensure that your system complies with the following standard features:

Trade Input

Trade input can be automated via most existing systems; an authorisation process is also available. Multiple portfolio allocation screens aid block deal input.


Consolidated portfolio reporting; index comparison; exposure; reconciliation; pricing from yield curves. Report batching and process automation simplifies the daily and monthly cycles.


Performance calculated using time weighted, money weighted or IRR methods. Multi-asset capability includes swaps, repos, index-linked, mortgage backed and more. Flexible reporting puts the power in the hands of the user.


We have interfaced this system to pricing services, risk management agencies, performance authenticators, parent company mainframes, and custodian information/settlement packages via local network and the web.

Browser Interface

PMS uses a browser as the front end for the application ensuring a simple 'point and click' interface, that is easy to understand and use. Customised, menu-driven screens provide easy-to-use and understand functions, with security levels set for each user.

Output Formats

Report output via various methods including our client reporting publisher, straight to Excel (and other desktop products) and convert to PDF.

Data Storage

Physical Data - Biton proprietary or any ODBC supported database. Application Server - The core portfolio management system can be hosted on any UNIX platform. The layered method of construction allows easy integration with existing hardware and software platforms.


Automatic trade confirmation with settlement instructions is possible via proprietary or market systems including SWIFT. Biton provide full support at all stages of the business relationship, and can undertake client projects including market driven changes along with office infrastructure and communication installation


Easy to interface to, the PMS system provides a cost efficient, fully functional reporting and valuation package, with automation and STP possibilities.

Supported Server Platforms

PMS supports any flavour of Unix/Linux currently available. Our existing customers use the following operating systems : Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, HP-UX, Sun OS/Solaris, IBM AIX.

Biton Portfolio Management System